To find nearby :

One of your first walks you probably lead to great "CAIRN of BARNENEZ" (700 m), dating back over 5,000 years and therefore older than the pyramids of Egypt. Guided tours are organized throughout the year. In addition to the interest of this visit, the site will allow to have a wonderful vizw over the bay of Morlaix and countless islands.

Along the way, 200 m, you will find a small sheltered harbor, its old houses, some of which sinners are garden on the edge of the water, old wells and diving club.

Following the path "GR34" (red and withe lines) wich bypasses the tip Barnenez, you will soon perceive on the right, the small port Terenez with its sailing school and its sandy beach. The trail along the coast you can find points of remarkable views ans changing with tides and the color of the sky.

At the end of the peninsula (about 1 km) in a wild and protected, a small beach will invite you for swimming or fishing. Seaward, many oyster refect the exeptional quality of water in the bay of Morlaix. These oysters have won menurous awards in national competitions. Be aware enjoy going to buy from local produccers !

To the left of the tip of Barnenez, take time to discover the mouth of the river of Morlaix and its countless islands including that of "Chateau du Taureau". 
In summer, organized boat tour of the castle and islands.
From here you can admire the sunset sun unforgettable worthy of inclusion in your photo albums or wallpaper on your computer.
At the edge of the bay of Molaix hide afew quiet beaches,sometimes less than 500 m away from the lodging Saint-Gonven. We'il be sure to indicate you.

Last updated : mai 14, 2015